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A Look at Investments in Spread Production in Africa

For most people, a mention of spread makes them salivate as they think of how it enriches the taste of such food items as bread, rusk, crepe, waffle and crackers. As its name suggests, spread is meant to be spread with a knife on bread, biscuits and other food products to provide creamy texture and improve the flavour. Spread is mostly made from refined plant oils or hydrogenated oils and other ingredients which are abundantly available locally in most African countries. Let’s explore the business prospects for spread production in Africa!

When manufactured under expert guidance of professionals such as Africa Processing, oilseed and based spreads (peanut, hazelnut) are rich in fats but fruit-based spreads do not contain any fats (jams for instance). It could be presented to consumers in different forms such as margarine, butter, cheese, molasses, and jams in syrup or pasty form. Spread is essential for building healthy lifestyle and vitality in the body.

The tendency of spread to provide excellent mouthfeel endears it to hundreds of millions of consumers globally and the African continent is not an exemption. For example in Senegal, chocolate paste is the most consumed type of spread – peanut-based, that type of paste is not common in Europe where spread made with hazelnuts are predominant.

The characteristics and classifications of spread

Spread is classified as either sweet or salty. It can be produced from cocoa such as chocolate spread or from nuts such as the popular Nutella spread. Generally, it is easy to store spread without any risks of poisoning if it is stored at room temperature. Also it does not contains water.

Salty spreads:spread production Africa processing

Sweet spreads:

  • plant-based spreads like jams
  • molasses
  • honey spread
  • chocolate spread
  • paste or oilseeds puree (nuts-based, almond, cashew, pistachio, sesame)

Cashew, almond, sesame, and pistachio are all nuts good for manufacturing sweet nuts-based spreads and all these nuts can be locally sourced in Africa.

Opportunities, market prospects and innovations to increase the demand for spread production in Africa

The market prospect for spread production in Africa is not in doubt. Several imported brands of spreads are found in markets all over Africa though several of these imported brands are not affordable to many in the African markets. Though spreads are usually packaged in jars of between 200g and 400g, yet a bit of innovation such as presenting the product in stick packaging to improve affordability can greatly increase the demand for the product in African markets.

With the help of Africa Processing, it is now possible to develop special spread made for people suffering from diabetes, these nutritional spreads improve their diet. These spread for diabetics are almost nonexistent on the market while the number of people living with this disease is fast growing by the day. In 2015, 14.2 million of diabetics have been identified – this number is expected to reach 34.2 million in 2040 (source: www.idf.org).

Another interesting idea: nutritious spread like ‘Plumpy Nuts’ that can be eaten directly without spread can be manufactured for African markets. These Ready to Use Therapeutic Food products are designed to save lives in area where people are wasting, starving and are about to die because of malnutrition.

spread production Africa processing

Nutritious food derived from Ready to Use Therapeutic Food can be invented to feed everybody, this food would be nutritious with proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals, easy to eat (either from the stick or as a spread). This kind of product is much more nutritious than any mayonnaise sandwich you can think of.

How to set up a small-scale spread manufacturing business in Africa

If you are looking to set up a small-scale spread production factory in any part of Africa, you can achieve your goal even with a low initial capital. Since most markets offers a huge opportunity for spread production in Africa in different forms, packaging and classifications, you are on your way to being able to roll out your own brand of spread and share in the market if you have the right technical and professional skills in food processing.

However, if you are lacking in the right skills, professional advice from seasoned experts such as Africa Processing is all you need to succeed. As a UK-based company, Africa Processing boasts of experts in several areas of food processing and manufacturing. We have more than two decades of proven expertise in food processing and we are skilful and can make huge technical input into all areas of spread production in Africa starting from designing the right recipes, choosing the appropriate equipment and selecting the key functional blends for all types of quality spreads. Contact us today and you will be happy you did!