Starting cheddar cheese manufacturing in Africa, to replace the imported, mass-produced brands, is now possible with the collaboration of experts in the field of cheese analogue production: UK-based Africa Processing.

Africa Processing provide turnkey solutions for anyone wanting to start producing cheddar cheese in Africa. We assist clients in all the stages of their projects including business plan creation, product development, product packaging, factory engineering, production startup, onsite training and product launch.

Cheddar Cheese Production Line

We assess existing equipment, if any, and recommend the most suitable and cost effective cheddar cheese production lines to start a local cheddar cheese manufacture. Before starting a cheddar cheese factory, it is very important to decide if you want to produce cheddar cheese in block, slices or grated.

The equipment, its cost and your future return on investment will vary depending on elected packaging solutions. Africa Processing can, however, help you make the right choices right from the initial outset of your project.


Cheddar Cheese Manufacturing Process and Recipes

Africa Processing offers easy-to-implement recipes and manufacturing processes for cheddar cheese manufacturing. All of our recipes are tailor-made to match your local market needs in terms of taste, texture and market price.

Our cheddar cheese recipes incorporate “all-in-one” ingredients that are easy to use, competitively-priced, profitable and adaptable to consumer taste. We also adapt our recipes and processes to the existing equipment so you can start production without having to make a huge investment.


Three reasons to choose Africa Processing to set up your Cheddar Cheese manufacturing line

  1. Easy-to-use: we provide cheddar cheese premixes, industrial processes, recipes, cheddar cheese manufacturing lines and corresponding packaging solutions.
  2. Competitive and profitable: we offer attractive prices, optimised supply chain and fast access to the market.
  3. Local production: your brand, your design, your target market, your success!

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Do you have a food processing project?

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Do you have a food processing project?

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