A look into the world of exotic African flavours

Flavours are important preparations commonly added to drinks and foods to improve taste or smell or both. In order to gain traction in a local market, providing products laden with flavours that matches local tastes is the way to go and satisfying the African taste with the right flavour is not an exemption.

However, the African continent is made of territories with different tastes and choice of flavours and this implies that the manufacturers of beverage drinks and other associated products in Africa must focus on manufacturing products that appeals to the palate of the local population in each of the territories of the continent.

Aromatech’s exotic African flavours: good news to beverage and dairy manufacturers

Since taste in Africa tends towards sweet, strong and powerful flavours as opposed to the subtle taste common among Europeans, some extensive flavour-related research works by Aromatech (a France-based flavour manufacturing expert) has yielded some huge results for the benefits of manufacturers of dairy products and beverages on the African continent. Aromatech’s range of African exotic flavours derived from plants, flowers, and seeds of African origin are available in a variety of presentations like liquid form, powdery form, and in sprayed-dried or emulsion forms and all these flavour formats are being marketed to manufacturers in Africa by MEKZ Limited.

New exotic African flavours


Aromatech’s African flavours comprises of formats from a range of African plants, flowers and seeds such as:

  1. Senegal’s sweet flavour DITAKH with kiwi fruit taste. This African flavour is rich in vitamin C
  2. Fruity flavoured juice from Senegal’s BISSAP fruit. Bissap is specifically known for its capacity to minimise the risk of heart disease
  3. The African CASHEW-APPLE flavour is compatible for use in jam and fruit juice and it gives a mix of tastes similar to that of cucumber, mango and lemon. It is also known for its rich content of vitamin C
  4. The African BAOBAB flavour is rich in iron, calcium, riboflavin, and potassium. It is mostly used to spice up beverages
  5. The African TAMARIND flavour comes with some sour tastes but it is rich in calcium and vitamin B
  6. The African SOURSOP flavour was derived from the commonly occurring soursop in Nigeria’s eastern region. It is rich in vitamin C and tastes with a mix of strawberry and pineapple. The soursop flavour is compatible with drinks and sweet foods
  7. The African MADD flavour is compatible for use in jam, ice cream and juice. It comes with a mix of tastes similar to orange, tomato, and carrot put together. The MADD fruit is native to Senegal
  8. The African GINGER flavour was derived from ginger which is a lemon-like spicy-taste root renowned for its positive effects on human body digestion

In summary, Aromatech’s African exotic flavours provide great opportunities to the manufacturers of juice, ice cream, jam, drinkable yogurt and drinks in Africa both for satisfying local consumptions and for export purposes to Africans in diaspora.

On the market…

Here are some examples of existing products using that kind of flavours:

  • cashew apple jam
  • organic baobab juice
  • madd beer
  • soursop juice
  • bissap lemonade iced tea

FMA 'Exploring authentic African flavours' - May 2016

Press release

A few months ago we have been featured in Food Manufacturing Africa magazine, click on the photo to view this article ‘Exploring authentic African flavours’

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