beer market in africa

Beer market in Africa

Beer is an alcoholic beverage commonly produced from the spontaneous fermentation of cereal grains; especially malted barley but maize, sorghum, wheat and rice are also commonly used. Its origin dates back to the fifth millennium before the birth of Christ. Beer is now about the most sort after drink besides water and tea. The process involved with the production of beer is referred to as brewing and beer production in Africa is rewarding and highly promising according to recent research reports. Let’s explore the beer market in Africa!

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Africa ahead in beer growth rate forecast

The beer market in Africa is said to be the fastest in terms of global growth according to the report of a recent study by; a global leader in market research. The growth rate of the beer industry in Africa is said to have averaged 5 percent since 2013 and it is projected to continue at this rate for the next five years at the minimum thereby surpassing the growth rates in the beer markets in other continents like Asia and Latin America which were said to have recorded 4 and 3 percent growth rates respectively within the same period. Experts have identified three factors – increase in population across Africa, increase in economic growth, and urbanization – to be the main drivers expected to enhance the rapid growth expected in the beer market in Africa.

According to an African beer market survey conducted in 2015, the top 10 market leaders in beer production in Africa, in order of volume in million hectoliters, are: South Africa, Nigeria, Angola, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Kenya, Democratic Republic of the Congo (Zaire), Tanzania, Zambia, and Uganda. Of all these countries, South Africa and Nigeria were far ahead of the pack with 32.13 and 27 million hectoliters respectively out of 141.96 million hectoliters of beer produced in the African continent in 2015.

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On the basis on the volume of beer being consumed per consumer in Africa, South Africa leads the way with about 60 liters of beer being consumed per person in a year. The most popular brand of beer in Africa is the larger beer.

Why the use of PET bottles in beer industry is gaining popularity

The world is going green and the consciousness of preserving our environment by all means has made the global beer industry to begin experimenting with the use of PET bottles for storing beer rather than the traditional glass bottles. PET (the shortened form of ‘polyethylene terephthalate’) bottling has been found to have several benefits for the beer industry besides its green nature. Early adopters of PET bottling in the global beer industry found that the packaging appeals more to the next generation of consumers though it still retains the seeming appearance of the traditional glass bottles.

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PET bottling is suitable for all kinds of beer whether it is flash or pasteurised, micro-filtered or tunnel and this bottling system guarantees a 6-month shelf life of your beer with a very stable base and it is weightless when compared to glass bottles which makes transportation across your supply chains a lot easier. In terms of costs, PET bottles are a lot cheaper than the traditional glass bottles.

If you are looking to do a seamless switch from the use of the traditional glass bottles for your beer production and appeal more to the next generation of beer consumers, you have the right expert advice from experts such as Africa Processing. Africa Processing is a UK-based company of experts with over two decades of proven technical know-how in a variety of food processing/productions and other associated products and services.

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