Are there still opportunities for ice cream manufacturing in Nigeria?

Have you ever thought about investing in ice cream manufacturing in Nigeria? Ice cream is a type of sweet frozen food made from milk fat and flavoured with fruit, chocolate or other types of flavours. Ice cream is enjoyed by virtually all classes and categories of people. The food ingredients for ice creams are readily available in Nigeria making it an attractive investment prospect for interested persons.

ice cream manufacturingA number of published business reports provide evidence that a combination of several factors make ice cream business in Nigeria a very attractive one. Nigeria’s growing population provides a great opportunity for ice cream business to thrive. It is a well-known fact that Nigeria is one of the countries with the largest proportion of youths and children and ice cream being a universal favourite of youths and children, pursuing ice cream manufacturing in Nigeria is, therefore, a good move. The increasing Westernisation of the feeding habits of urban dwellers in Nigeria which amounts to about 80 million people also makes ice cream manufacturing in Nigeria a good deal.

In addition, ice cream consumption markedly increases during the dry season, such that smart investors can strategically plan for peak sales during this period. Another factor worth noting is that the disposable income of Nigerians generally is on the rise, meaning that there is more to spend on non-essential pleasantries such as ice cream among the urban inhabitants. With proper planning for production, packaging and distribution, ice cream investors in Nigeria stand to gain sizeable returns on their investment.

Notable Brands & Types of Ice Creams in Nigeria

There are several types and many brands of ice cream produced and marketed in Nigeria but collectively about three of them have the largest market share. UAC Foods, the producers of the supreme brand of ice cream have the largest market share of roughly half of the retail value sold. They have long been noted for good quality products at competitive prices and have a readymade avenue of sales through their Mr Biggs fast food chain.

ice cream africaSecond on the list is Fan Milk Plc who have about a quarter of the market share with their Fan Ice Cream. Golden Scoop made by Provita Vita Force Foods comes third on the log with about fourteen percent of the share. The food ingredients for ice creams made by these brands are mostly sourced locally.

Raw Materials for Ice Cream Manufacturing in Nigeria

The raw materials for ice cream manufacturing in Nigeria includes the usual food ingredients for ice creams includes milk, eggs, cream, butter, flavours, colour additives, and water. You also need emulsion stabilizers. These ingredients are readily available locally.

For the production of ice cream, the following machinery are essentials: weighing balances, a tank for blending, homogenizer, pasteurizer and freezing unit. Other equipment are also needed depending on the scale and type of production process employed as well as packaging. To make ice cream, the albumin (egg white) is wiped thoroughly. Milk solid and other ingredients are mixed with water in the right proportions and added to the cream and butter. It is then pasteurized, homogenized and frozen for a couple of hours. Ice creams can be packaged in a variety of ways and comes in several flavours such as vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, and banana.

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