Huge Prospect for Chocolate Manufacturing in Africa

Cocoa trees grow in tropical environments – the ideal climate for growing cocoa is hot, rainy and tropical. The primary growing regions are Africa, Asia and Latin America. By producing more than 70 per cent of the total volume of cocoa each year, Africa is the global leader in the production of cocoa beans. The […]

beer market in africa

Beer Market in Africa

Beer is an alcoholic beverage commonly produced from the spontaneous fermentation of cereal grains; especially malted barley but maize, sorghum, wheat and rice are also commonly used. Its origin dates back to the fifth millennium before the birth of Christ. Beer is now about the most sort after drink besides water and tea. The process […]

Soft Drinks and Juice Manufacturing in Ghana

The consumption of soft drinks and juice products continues to increase daily among Ghanaians to satisfy their thirst, hunger or cravings. The domestic market for soft drinks and juice in Ghana continues to grow by the day mainly because Ghanaian consumers appreciate the taste and the health benefits associated with eating natural fruits and drinking […]

Margarine Manufacturing in Ivory Coast

Margarine manufacturing in Ivory Coast Margarine is a product of hydrogenated oils which was invented to serve as a substitute for butter. That was some centuries ago and margarine is still being regarded by many individuals and families as an alternative to butter since margarine cost much less compared to butter partly because butter is […]

Mayonnaise Manufacturing in Senegal

Senegal is one of the African countries where massive opportunities exists for mayonnaise manufacturing due to sustained increase in the consumption of the product as more and more Africans continue to adopt western style diets by the day. It is generally assumed that mayonnaise originated from France. But the people of Menorca, a small Spanish […]


Are there still opportunities for ice cream manufacturing in Nigeria?

Have you ever thought about investing in ice cream manufacturing in Nigeria? Ice cream is a type of sweet frozen food made from milk fat and flavoured with fruit, chocolate or other types of flavours. Ice cream is enjoyed by virtually all classes and categories of people. The food ingredients for ice creams are readily available […]

Mayonnaise Manufacturing in Nigeria

Some Key Facts About Mayonnaise Manufacturing in Nigeria

Mayonnaise is very popular worldwide as a spread and its popularity in Nigeria is on the increase which is consistent with the increase in urbanization and westernization lifestyles of many Nigerians. History claimed that mayonnaise was accidentally invented by the chef of French Duke De Richelieu during the celebration of his victory over the British […]

Yoghurt Manufacturing Nigeria

Why it is Worth Investing in Yogurt Manufacturing in Nigeria

The gap between supply and demand for low-fat dairy foods like yogurt in Nigeria is widening as a result of increases in population and urbanisation. Nigeria is the most populated nation in Africa and with a population of about 170 million people, the country is a huge market for potential investors in the agro allied […]


Future Market Outlook for Carbonated Soft Drink Manufacturing in Nigeria

Nigeria is located in the west coast of Africa where hot weather conditions apply almost all the year round necessitating a huge demand for safe drinking water, chilled carbonated drinks and other soft drinks leading to sustained sales growth of these products. A recent report shows that more than 1.2 billion litres of soft drinks […]


What Does the Future Hold for Margarine Manufacturing in Nigeria?

Margarine Manufacturing in Nigeria Margarine, made of refined plant oils or hydrogenated oils, was created as a substitute for butter several centuries ago and it is now often considered as an affordable alternative to butter which is made from fat from milk. The creativity and ingenuity of margarine producers has it possible for the product […]