Huge prospect for chocolate manufacturing in Africa

Cocoa trees grow in tropical environments – the ideal climate for growing cocoa is hot, rainy and tropical. The primary growing regions are Africa, Asia and Latin America. By producing more than 70 per cent of the total volume of cocoa each year, Africa is the global leader in the production of cocoa beans. The global cocoa production rate increase by around 3.1% every year and may slow in the coming years. Let’s explore more closely the current trends in chocolate manufacturing in Africa!

Trends in chocolate industry

Africa is one of the biggest cacao producers; its cocoa is used in chocolate manufacturing all over the world and these beans are wanted by the chocolatiers. The increase in cocoa consumption in emerging countries drive to tensions from an economic point of view. Cocoa could become a rare commodity in the next few years. We can see new products chocolate-based appearing on the chocolate confectionery market such as chocolate products flavoured, containing vegetables, flavoured with unusual fruits, included into cereals, floral notes included in chocolate products… Chocolate manufacturing in Africa is frequent and these new key trends are principally innovations around flavour and form, as well as explorations into ways to extend sharing opportunities.

Competitors for cocoa beans and chocolate production in Africa

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The main cocoa producers in Africa are: Ivory Coast with 35 per cent of the global production – followed by Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon, Togo, Tanzania, Ouganda, Madagascar, Equatorial Guinea and Sao Tome. Among large competitors of chocolate producers, Nestle, Cadbury and Hershey’s are notable and all these companies buy cocoa beans. Some African cocoa brands: Cacao Processing Company (Ghana), chocolat Said (Tunisia), Twisco (Nigeria), Quickao (Ivory Coast) and Kangoo Chocolat (Senegal).

Consumption of cocoa by-products

The demand for chocolate and other by-products of cocoa continues to rise globally including in Africa: cocoa flavour tastes good and it is rich in antioxidants like procyanidins and flavonoids which experts regard as rich in anti-ageing ingredients. Today, people enjoy chocolate in many different forms, consuming more than 3 million tons of cocoa beans annually. Each region of the world has unique preferences and recipes for candy and desserts. Africans produce 73 per cent of the cocoa in the world but they consume only 4 per cent. Most of the African cocoa is exported, generally to Europe which is the main destination for African cocoa.

How to start manufacturing chocolate in Africa

If you are looking to start manufacturing chocolate locally in Africa – that is possible even with a low initial capital. You stand to take a share of the huge chocolate market in Africa provided you have the right expert advice from professionals such as those in Africa Processing. Africa Processing is a UK-based company of experts with more than twenty years of proven competence and experience in food manufacturing. We provide technical advice, recipes and functional blends needed to produce a variety of quality food-related products (chocolate spread, drinkable yogurt, ice cream).

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