energy drink market in kenya

The Energy Drink Market in Kenya

The driving force of the economy in Kenya lies in people between 19-35 years. They are busy with office work, studies, farming or even athletics!

Their energy requirement is at peak considering that Kenya is in equatorial regions, hence their demand for energy drinks can only soar.

A business minded person keen on taping into this market will be poised for massive success in the energy drink manufacturing sector.

For one, few players are in the market and second, the recent entrants have not embraced the required high quality standards.

Current Situation for the Energy Drink Market in Kenya

According to the 2019 census by Kenya National Bureau of Statistics, 70% of the country’s 47 million people are aged 35 years and below. Thousands are employed in the informal sector that include agriculture, fishing, athletics and sports among others.

For someone who is keen on reaping handsomely, venturing into energy drink production will be a wise investment decision. This cluster of men and women need hundreds of thousands of liters of energy drink every day.

Remember that it is sunny for virtually all months of the year! Even for the cool months of July, the drink factory will not stop rolling out the cans.

Main Leading Brands and Players for Energy Drinks in Kenya

At the current market size of about 20 million in Kenya, growth is practically on the upward trend.

With the typical demographic for energy drinks being men between age 16 and 25, some companies often tweak their ingredients, branding and marketing to target an under-served group.

Targeting those consumers with higher disposable incomes with a niche product while producing an affordable one for the regular consumer would be a perfect idea.

The main brands at Carrefour, Naivas and Uchumi supermarkets include Red Bull, KABISA, Reaktor and Monster. As a guide, a 16-ounce drink’s price range from $1.99 to $4 for Red Bull on the shelves.

Why Invest in an Energy Drink Production in Kenya?

With the less stringent government rules and the vibrant economy compared to other countries, you can bet on hitting the bull’s eye pretty fast.

You save on hefty transport cost, target the local clientele with native branding and you may also get a tax holiday from the government if your company fulfil some standards.

Whether you want to produce in sleeve foiled metal cans, PET bottles or canned energy drinks, the choice is yours.

Kenya being gateway to the larger East and Central Africa, investing in an energy drink production will virtually open gates to market in more than 21 countries at a go.

For any discerning investor, this makes business sense.

How Africa Processing can help you

Africa Processing can assist in business plan, food product development, factory engineering, machine and equipment configuration, production startup and on-site training. We can help you setup and run a successful energy drink business in Africa. Contact us today and let’s start talking about your energy drink project!