Start laundry powder manufacturing in Africa, to replace the imported, mass-produced products, is now possible with the collaboration of experts in the field of industrial processing: UK-based Africa Processing.


laundry powder manufacturing


Africa Processing provide solutions for anyone willing to start producing laundry powder in Africa. We assist clients in all the stages of their projects including business plan creation, product development, product packaging, factory engineering, production startup, onsite training and product launch.

Powder detergent is one of the most consumed commodities in the world. In Africa, this product is often sold in small doses in sachets.

The business opportunity that we present to you here allows us to produce detergent sachets from 10 gr to 1 kg.

We can offer you all the necessary elements for this project, including: packaging machine, powder detergent, pre-printed packaging film.

Main Benefits of the Project:

  • Compared to Import: In terms of cost, importing raw materials is always more economical than importing finished products.
  • In relation to Investment: This opportunity requires a very reasonable investment in relation to its profitability. In addition, with the low production cost, the margin can reach 100%.
  • Flexible and adaptable: This solution allows you to adapt your production according to market needs. We offer packaging machines for producing sachets from 10 gr to 100 gr and from 100 gr up to 1 kg.
  • Workforce: Only one person is necessary for the operation of the machine and its maintenance.
  • Raw materials: we can offer you a powder detergent for washing all textiles by hand or in the machine, in 25 kg bags.
  • The packaging is in the form of a roll of plastic film pre-printed with your logo, for each capacity of sachet, you need a different roll of film.
  • Space required: 10 m² for the machine and 60 m² for the storage of the raw material and the finished product, for a total area of ​​70 m².
  • Other possible outlets: our machines are also ideal for packaging granular products such as coffee beans, tea, sugar, salt, rice, beans, peanuts, nuts, sunflower seeds, grains, potato chips, cereals … You will be able to diversify your activity by offering new products.

Laundry Powder Manufacturing Line

We assess existing equipment, if any, and recommend the most suitable and cost effective laundry powder production lines to start a local detergent manufacture. Before starting a laundry detergent factory, it is very important to decide the size and format of the pouches you wish to produce.

We can offer you two types of machines, depending on the format of the laundry sachets you wish to market:

MK101 machine :
Filling volume: 10 to 100gr
Capacity: up to 45 sachets per minute depending on format
Dimensions of the bag: Max length 40-240 mm, max width. 40-350mm

MK501 machine
Filling volume: 100 to 1000 gr
Capacity: up to 30 sachets per minute for 1000 gr
Dimensions of the bag: Max length up to 300 mm, max width. up to 420 mm

The equipment, its cost and your future return on investment will vary depending on your local market conditions. Africa Processing can, however, help you make the right choices right from the initial outset of your project.

Laundry Powder Manufacturing Process and Raw Materials

Africa Processing offers easy-to-implement manufacturing processes for laundry powder manufacturing. All of our solutions are tailor-made to match your local market needs in terms of quality and market price.

We also offer the main raw material needed for the repacking of laundry powder in different concentrations. The raw material can be delivered in 25 kg bags or 1 ton big bags.

laundry powder bags

Laundry Powder Packaging Materials

For an easy start of production, we can also offer the packaging film printed with your own brand. The film comes in rolls and is fitted onto the filling machine.

Three reasons to choose Africa Processing to Set Up Your Surgical Mask Production Line

  1. Easy-to-use: we provide industrial processes, manufacturing lines, raw materials and packaging solutions.
  2. Competitive and profitable: we offer attractive prices, optimised supply chain and fast access to the market.
  3. Local production: your brand, your design, your target market, your success!