Investment Prospects for Flavoured Water Manufacturing in Nigeria

When you want to quench your taste, what factors do you put into consideration before purchasing water? Do you consider the product price, availability of the product in the market or your health? With the health implications of drinking unsafe water, an increasing population of Nigerians is embracing flavoured water because of the numerous health benefits; flavoured water production is gradually becoming popular. Flavoured water consists of water, natural or artificial flavours and sugar. Some also contain added nutrients, such as vitamins. Product innovation in terms of flavour and packaging has recently triggered the flavoured water demand.

The Current Market for Flavoured Water in Nigeria

Only a few brands like Aquafina, H2Oh, Nestle, Sparwasser, and Cephil have perfected their market presence due to their years of existence and also has great marketing strategies. The flavoured water market is fragmented, as the market structure does not provide any flavoured water manufacturing company with enough influence to move the market in its desired direction. The market is flourishing because the majority of those who patronise flavoured water in Nigeria are youths and adults, especially those in the workforce.

There is an increasing demand for flavoured water in Nigeria as most Nigerian households lack potable water. With the current population in Nigeria and an increasing number of adults and youths, it has become a difficult task for just one or even four brands to satisfy consumers’ needs. This reveals why the entry-level entrepreneurs that want to venture into the flavoured water market have a low barrier. This explains why small and medium companies have to take part in the market share.

Why Is It Worth Investing In A Flavoured Water Production in Nigeria?

Nigeria has the largest economy in Africa. It offers great opportunities for both local and foreign investors. The country’s economy is mixed and emerging market-based, with expanding manufacturing sectors.

According to W.H.O, 63 million Nigerians do not have access to improved sources of drinking water. Because of the health implications of drinking unsafe water, there is a need for increasing consumer focus on their health and wellness as one of the primary factors for the flavoured water market growth. The widespread of diseases have influenced the consumers to be more health-conscious and consume flavoured water over carbonated drinks for example.

How Africa Processing can help you

Africa Processing can assist in business plan, food product development, factory engineering, machine and equipment configuration, production startup and on-site training. We can help you setup and run a successful flavoured water business in Nigeria. Contact us today and let’s start talking about your flavoured water project!