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Investment Prospects for Jam Manufacturing in Africa

Jam manufacturing in Africa offers a huge and exciting investment opportunity for discerning investors. This is the reality of the moment and a little research should confirm this claim. Think of the increase in the disposable income of average Africans – The African Development Bank puts the number of people in Africa able to spend between $2 and $20 a day to be about 350 million. This increase in earnings fuels the ever-growing increase in consumer demands on the continent.

Think of the strong influence of the media in shaping the spending patterns of Africans in Africa as the continent continues to be opened-up for business and for a new drive in consumerism. Also, think of the ever-growing population of young people in Africa.

Market overview for jam manufacturing in Africa

africa processing jam manufacturingAccording to a report by Deloitte & Touche, 62 percent of the African population falls under 25 years. This interesting figure and others stated above about Africa points to the fact that consumer demands in Africa – for all products and especially for food – will continue to rise into the foreseeable future.

Most importantly, jam can be manufactured from almost any type of fruit and some vegetables which are available in abundance locally in most African countries plus, most fruits rot away in Africa without being properly processed which constitute a loss to the farmer. In addition, jam manufacturing in Africa is a profitable business opportunity that aim to give value to local raw materials and subsequently create economic empowerment.

You can invest in jam manufacturing in Africa on a small scale with a low initial capital and the industrial policy of most African countries support a favourable local food processing. For example, in Nigeria, the Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency (SMEDAN) is actively encouraging and supervising the growth of small and medium scale manufacturing concerns which include food processing investments with the possibility of credit aid. Also, the government of Lagos State in Nigeria recently set up an employment trust fund to provide working capital of up to 5million Naira – about $15,500 – to existing small scale manufacturing businesses located in the state at 1 digit interest rate. Every discerning entrepreneur will never want to miss such opportunities that are now available in many African countries.

How to set-up jam manufacturing investment in Africa

africa processing jam manufacturingIf you’re looking to setup a jam manufacturing plant in Africa, you need a moderate but suitable accommodation and the basic equipment for local jam production include a sizeable blender of about 30-liters capacity, a discharge pump, and a filling and capping machine for the professional packaging of the manufactured product.

The fruits or vegetables should be thoroughly cleaned with stones and pebbles removed. Transfer the cleaned fruits or vegetables into the blender, move the whole lot into the cooker for cooking. Add sugar, water, lemon juice, Africa Processing stabilisers and cook for some time and your jam is ready for packaging and labelling.

There are different sizes of hot filling jars for jam and pickles on the market – manufactured by Mark & Spencer UK or Zapetti in France. You can choose from the two available recipes for jam manufacturing: with sugar jam or without sugar jam. The expertise involved with jam manufacturing is easy to acquire with the help of Africa Processing.

How can Africa Processing help?

Africa Processing provides expert food processing advice to willing investors in Africa’s promising food processing industry. Africa Processing has experts with specialist skills and expertise in various aspects of food including fruit and juice processing.

The aim of Africa Processing is to help African investors produce locally for the African people and, hence, boost local food production and economic growth in Africa. Experts at Africa Processing have the competences to craft business plan and to advice on food product development. Our services also include on-site training and skill transfer processes to equip the new investor with the requisite on-the-job skills. In most cases and depending on the terms of engagement, we provide production line engineering and we transfer skills for configuring machinery and equipment.

At Africa Processing, we offer Africa the composite food solutions such as bakery, cheese analogue, confectionery, dairy alternatives, fruit processing, drinks, spread, baby food and sport nutrition. Contact Africa Processing today to kick-start a discussion about your dream fruit and vegetable jam manufacturing investment in Africa.