Starting pharmaceutical capsules manufacturing in Africa, to replace the mass imported products is now possible with the collaboration of UK-based Africa Processing.

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Africa Processing provide turnkey solutions for anyone wanting to start producing pharmaceutical capsules in Africa. We assist clients in all the stages of their projects including business plan creation, product development, regulatory dossiers, product packaging, factory engineering, production startup, onsite training and product launch.

Pharmaceutical Capsules Customised Analysis and Recommendations

  • Global & region specific pharmaceutical industry trends
  • Critical Factor Analysis for the market
  • SWOT analysis of the client organisation.
  • Corporate strategy
  • Global business Plan
  • Strategic product portfolio
  • Sales projections and P&L formats
  • Tech transfer/ Product know how
  • Manufacturing line suggestion & capacity planning
  • Financial feasibility and break even analysis.
  • Becomes the basis of client’s presentation to institutions, financing their projects.

Pharmaceutical Capsules Production Line

We assess existing equipment, if any, and recommend the most suitable and cost effective pharmaceutical capsule production lines to start a local pharmaceutical capsule manufacture:

  • Vast experience in design and building of international projects since last 17 years.
  • Well versed with regulatory guidelines and engineering standards.
  • Well-trained design team with hands on experience in designing over 200 projects.
  • Multi layer checking system to verify design.
  • In-house expertise of pharma process, know-how; implementing latest guidelines as per regulatory norms of local bodies.
  • Guidance from Interactions with international consultants US FDA and EMEA.

Pharmaceuticals Production Lines Africa

The equipment, its cost and your future return on investment will vary depending on elected packaging solutions. Africa Processing can, however, help you make the right choices right from the initial outset of your project.

Pharmaceutical Capsule Manufacturing Process and Formulation

Africa Processing offers start-to-finish solutions and manufacturing processes for pharmaceutical capsule manufacturing. We have built a solid expertise in the following fields:

  • Hard gelatin capsules. The gelatin used in the manufacture of most common capsules is obtained from collagenous material by hydrolysis. Gelatin is a natural, safe, non-allergenic, clean, and economical ingredient. The two-piece hard gelatin capsule is available in a range of sizes; from largest to smallest, these sizes are 000, 00el, 00, 0xel, 0el+, 0el, 0, 1el, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.
  • HPMC capsules. HPMC capsules are stable at low humidity levels, have low moisture content (3–8%), and low static charge. These natural capsules are available from size 00 to 4. HPMC capsules are suitable for highly reactive molecules (because they have no cross-linking reactions). Compared to hard gelatin, HPMC is more suitable for moisture-sensitive products, hygroscopic products, and for low relative-humidity applications. HPMC is not of animal origin and does not pose a risk of contamination with organisms that cause bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) or transmissible spongiform encephalopathy (TSE). HPMC capsules are used in a wide range of OSD pharmaceuticals as well as nutraceuticals, dietary supplements, and herbal products, due to the vegetarian nature of HPMC.
  • Fish gelatin capsules. Marinecaps are made from fish gelatin and do not pose risk of BSE or TSE. They are preferred for filling marine supplements such as EPA [eicosapentaenoic acid]-rich fish oil.
  • Starch capsules. Starch capsules are made from potato starch. Their dissolution is pH independent, and they are suitable for enteric coating. The moisture content of starch capsules ranges between 12 and 14% w/w, with more than 30% being tightly bound (1).
  • Pullulan capsules. These vegetarian capsules are made from tapioca, which is naturally fermented into pullulan. They provide a high barrier to oxygen.
  • Polyvinl acetate (PVA) capsules. Capsules made from PVA can be used for filling insoluble drugs dissolved in polyethylene glycol (PEG) 400. PEG 400 when used as single vehicle is not compatible with other hard capsules. The oxygen permeability of PVA is low, resulting in a high barrier to oxygen.
  • Liquid-filled hard capsules (LFHC). Two-piece hard capsules made of either gelatin or HPMC can be used for filling and band sealing non-aqueous liquid, paste, suspension, hot melts, and other vehicles that melt up to 70 °C and flow easily. LFHC can also be filled with tablets, pellets, or other capsules as combination fill. LFHC can be used for moisture-sensitive drugs. These can be a cost-effective alternative to some soft gelatin capsule products and can also enhance bioavailability and improve product stability. Liquid encapsulation technology helps overcome many problems associated with the use of softgel capsules including high cost, waste, cross-contamination, migration of the drug into the capsule shell, and issues with low bioavailability. Liquid-filled and semi-solid capsules by their nature are resistant to crushing and powdering and therefore provide a good basis for developing an abuse-resistant formulation. These capsules can also be enteric coated. HPMC hard capsules do not become brittle when they lose water (2).
  • Soft gelatin capsules (SGC). SGC have soft, globular, gelatin shells somewhat thicker than that of hard gelatin capsules. The gelation is plasticized by the addition of glycerin, sorbitol, or a similar polyol. It may contain preservative to prevent the fungal growth. Large-scale production methods are generally required for the preparation of SGC.

food supplement production line africaOur pharmaceutical capsule solutions incorporate world class quality active ingredients that are safe, easy to use, competitively-priced, profitable and adaptable to your local market.

We also adapt our processes to the existing equipment so you can start production without having to make a huge investment.

Three reasons to choose Africa Processing to set up your pharmaceutical capsule manufacturing line

  1. Start-to-finish: we provide active ingredients & excipients, industrial processes, formulations, regulatory dossiers, capsule manufacturing lines and corresponding packaging solutions.
  2. Competitive and profitable: we offer attractive prices, optimised supply chain and fast access to the market.
  3. Local production: your brand, your design, your target market, your success!

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