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The Mayonnaise Market in Kenya

Urbanisation is on the increase in Kenya and this means a rise in the number of working-class people. With their busy schedules, fewer people cook at home preferring restaurants or takeaway food and they will need an accompaniment for their food. The mayonnaise market in Kenya is offering prospects for growth hence investments.

Such a favourable business context, many foreign nationals have made a home here. Data from a research think-tank shows that Kenya’s middle class is growing tremendously. This present opportunity for Mayonnaise manufacturing, marketing, and distribution as a viable business niche.

Market Conditions and Leading Brands

Target consumer is the working middle-class keen on their health. Any producer keen on attracting this sector has to bear in mind the health-consciousness of the customers.


Today’s professionals will keenly monitor his/her weight, diet using mobile apps. As a new player in the Mayonnaise market, you will need to keep your clients in your mind at all times.

Kenya’s government is keen on ensuring that investors get their transactions smoothly through various agencies. According to the population agency, Kenya National Bureau of Statistics, population has been growing sharply from 2009-2019.

This positive growth trajectory is an attractive tool for business forecasting. This means that anyone keen on tapping into the market will reap wealthy returns by investing in a mayonnaise factory in Kenya.

Main brands available at the shelves in Carrefour, Naivas supermarkets and stores include Lyons, American Garden, Remia and Zesta. The average price for 250ml Remia brand goes for Ksh 165 (about $1.64) at the supermarkets. Some brands on sale at online sites such as Epepea or Jumia, a similar brand and quantity go for Ksh 360 ($3.58).

Why Mayonnaise Production in Kenya? 

The brands of Mayonnaise on sale are majorly imported. Local companies are strategically placed to offer fresh alternatives.

Apart from the support from the government, as an investor, you will get specific input from allied companies specialising in packaging and marketing so that they can localise on the products you produce.

Do you want to achieve massive business success in Kenya? Since 2014, Kenya has been ranked as a lower middle-income country by the World Bank. Above that, Kenya is ahead of her peers in Eastern and Central Africa economically, financially and acts as East Africa’s transportation hub.

Any serious businessperson would be keen on setting up a manufacturing base in Kenya. Apart from the seamless registration process, you will get the best-qualified labour for all the stages of your mayonnaise production.

How Africa Processing can help you

Africa Processing provide Starter Kits for anyone willing to start manufacturing mayonnaise in Africa. Our Starter Kits consist in detailed quotations specifying the cost and technical characteristics of the necessary equipment for the implementation of your project as well as a description of the manufacturing process.

As part of our Starter Kits, we also send you the contact details of the machine manufacturers, so you can buy the equipment directly from them without any intermediation cost. You will also receive two documents that will help you draft your regional market study and business plans and that can be presented to raise funds with banks and local administrations.

Contact us today and let’s start talking about your mayonnaise project!

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