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Start pasta manufacturing in Africa, to replace the imported, mass-produced brands, is now possible with the collaboration of experts in the field of food processing: UK-based Africa Processing.

Africa Processing provide Starter Kits for anyone willing to start manufacturing pasta products in Africa. Our Starter Kits consist in detailed quotations specifying the cost and technical characteristics of the necessary equipment for the implementation of your project as well as a description of the manufacturing process.

As part of our Starter Kit for the manufacture of pasta, we also send you the contact details of the machine manufacturers, so you can buy the equipment directly from them without any intermediation cost. You will also receive two documents that will help you draft your regional market study and business plans and that can be presented to raise funds with banks and local administrations.


Pasta has become a gastronomic must that can be enjoyed in all circumstances, with family or friends. Hot, they go well with all sauces, cold, they allow you to make a wide array of salads. In addition, it is an ideal meal in times of crisis due to its price and ease of preparation.

Due to the shortage of processing and packaging units in many countries, the needs of the local pasta market are often met by imports. This situation represents an opportunity for the creation of a profitable pasta manufacturing unit. In addition it will also allow to employ local workforce thus contributing at the national level, to the reduction of unemployment and to the conservation. currencies.

Also, we help you set up a line that we have selected which will allow you to control the entire process of making pasta. The proposed equipment suitable for small and medium industries.

The raw materials used for the production of pasta are: wheat flour, corn flour, potato starch, corn starch, cassava starch, etc...

The pasta produced can have different shapes. The choice of a pasta shape is of course a matter of taste, but also depends on the intended use. Thus, fine pasta is mainly used for soups. Curved, twisted or tube-shaped pasta are perfect for sauces. Striped pasta is great for meat sauces while smooth pasta is great for cream or cheese sauces.

Pasta Manufacturing Process: The raw material is mixed with water and then kneaded to form a dough. This dough is then rolled into thin sheets or extruded under pressure to create different shapes. The pasta sheets will be cut to the desired shape. The pastes thus formed are then ready for drying. Drying is carried out by a current of hot and humid air which gradually lowers the water content to about 12%. Dehydration is a tricky operation because if done too slowly the pasta can go mouldy and if it is too fast the pasta can crack or become brittle.

The proposed production line allows the following operations to be carried out:

  • Mixing of raw materials,
  • Extrusion (to give the chosen shape to the pasta),
  • Cutting,
  • Drying,
  • Packaging.

The production capacity of this line is 100-150 kg/h of pasta (finished products).


    As part of our Starter Kit for this project, we are providing you with the following information:

    • The detailed quotation for the production line with the contact details for the manufacturers,
    • The manufacturing process for pasta,
    • The total electricity and water consumption,
    • Contact details of suppliers for the packaging.
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